About us

About our team

Our team consists of travel experts and medical researchers, working together to assist Australian and New Zealand patients requiring hip replacement overseas. Our main focus is to identify and help groups of patients stuck on elective surgery waiting lists, who cannot afford the cost of hip replacement surgery within the private hospital system.

Our Australian offices are based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, with our Thailand offices situated in the Ploenchit area of central Bangkok. Over the last 5 years we’ve built the most robust platform to assist patients before, during and after their hip replacement surgery.

Why did we embark on this journey?

Year after year, our team of researchers evaluated the state-published reports on elective surgery waiting times for orthopaedic patients. The data showed that more people were joining the list than those who were being removed from the list by having their surgery. The waiting lists were growing.

We sought to build the best overseas surgery program for these Australian & New Zealand patients, and based our initial research on the following patient-centred criteria:

  • surgeon experience & reputation
  • hospital accreditation
  • total hip replacement price
  • surgery waiting times
  • first-class patient experience

Our main priority has been to build the strongest partnerships with our selected hospitals and surgeons in Thailand. This allows us to ensure our Australian and New Zealand total hip replacement patients are in the hands of experienced medical professionals, who have delivered impressive outcomes for our patients before them.

What’s the process?

  1. Once you contact us, our trained coordinators will work with you and your family to best understand your case. We’ll also identify your main concerns regarding your public waiting list options, and the cost of hip replacement locally in Australia or New Zealand.
  2. Our team will then work with you to have your case assessed by our experienced orthopaedic specialists in Thailand. We will coordinate sending all of your medical history reports and up-to-date scans of your hip.
  3. We will liaise with your family doctor to oversee all required pre-travel clearance tests, and to ensure you’re fit for hip replacement surgery, with no underlying health conditions that could see surgery postponed or cancelled. We will be acting on behalf of the various specialists at the hospital, such as cardiologist, endocrinologist or who is required for your case.
  4. We coordinate every aspect of your medical travel journey, including airfares, transfers and 5-star hotel stays. We oversee the transfer of all funds to the hospitals, to ensure you benefit from our exclusive hip replacement packages.
  5. Our medical travel group has our own staff at the hospitals and hotels, so that we can best assist at any stage of your journey.
  6. When you’re back on your feet and have been given clearance to return home, we will securely store all of your medical records on our cloud-based servers, and provide access to you and your trusted family doctor. This will ensure all medical information is available so you can have the highest level of ongoing care.

How does this all affect the cost of your hip replacement?

We can coordinate for your full assessment and have you booked for hip replacement surgery within 4 weeks of your first enquiry with us. The savings on cost will be approximately half of what you would have to pay in your home country.

We provide a turn-key solution, and organise every part of your journey, until you’ve arrived safely back at home to get back to an active and healthy lifestyle.

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