Is the cost of hip replacement stopping you from getting the surgery you need?

You can have affordable private hospital surgery within 4 weeks and get back to a healthy lifestyle!

The cost of hip replacement will vary depending on whether your surgery is in a private hospital or a public hospital. Patients with private health insurance can avoid the public waiting list, unless hip replacement surgery isn't covered by their fund.

Does any of the
following describe your situation?

Waiting for months and still
no update from your specialist?

Stuck on the public list waiting for
your hip replacement surgery?

Was hip replacement not
included in your private
health cover?

Can't work to support
your family, and forced
to rely on pain killers?

Does any of the
following describe your situation?

Waiting for months and still
no update from your specialist?

Stuck on the public list waiting for
your hip replacement surgery?

Was hip replacement not
included in your private
health cover?

Can't work to support
your family, and forced
to rely on pain killers?

We can save you 50% on your hip replacement cost in a leading international hospital, with your surgery scheduled in less than 4 weeks!

Why do Aussies listen to us?

Over 22,000 informed Australians travel for elective surgery every year. Our team of travel experts and PhD medical researchers have helped hundreds of Australians and New Zealanders have successful surgery overseas. After 5 years even local family doctors are referring patients to discuss new options with us.

Our medical researchers saw thousands of Australians had fallen through the cracks in our healthcare system, with many stuck worrying about hip replacement cost. This is where we can help.

We researched all overseas options for these patients, including popular healthcare destinations such as Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Spain and Turkey. When it came to patient experience, safety and quality, nowhere compared with Thailand's first-class hospitals. This is why over 3 million patients visit Thailand every year from western countries like the USA, UK, France, even Dubai, the UAE and now Australia.


Our first-class Thailand hospitals are more advanced and luxurious than what you're used to at home. Dont believe us? Continue reading and see for yourself.

How do our patients benefit?

WAITING TIME and COST are the TWO REASONS informed
Australians travel overseas for their hip replacement surgery.


We know your time is valuable, and right now you’re in line with thousands of other Australians waiting for hip replacement surgery. Our average waiting time for hip replacement surgery is less than 4 weeks. This is because our private hospitals in Thailand are built for medical travelers, with in-demand orthopaedic surgeons readily available.


The cost of hip replacement surgery in Thailand represents a 50% saving compared with the same surgery in Australia. Instead of $25,000 - $35,000, it costs only $16,000, including all travel and 5-Star hotel stays. We organise your whole journey, and we’ll be in contact with you and your doctors every step of the way. We even organise weekly repayment plans!


Local surgeons will always get defensive about you spending your money elsewhere. Become an informed patient to make smart choices about your own hip replacement!

Book hip replacement surgery in a world-class private hospital within 4 weeks from today!

7 key points to know about
hip replacement in Thailand!

We’ll expand on each one below:

Hospital accreditation
and comfort

Specialist training
and expertise

Quality of hip
replacement implant

Low Risk of Infection

Rehab after hip
replacement surgery

Bringing family or friends

What happens
when I arrive home?

Here are the explanations

Hospital accreditation and comfort

All of our private hospitals for hip replacement surgery are JCI Accredited, the gold standard for international hospitals. These are owned by large international hospital groups, with one being the fourth largest in the world. As Thailand’s medical travel industry was worth over 6.5 Billion dollars in 2015, no expense is spared in making these hospitals safe and comfortable for travellers like yourself.

Our hip replacement patients say the hospital reminds them of a luxury hotel, and not like a cold and clinical environment. All surgeons and senior nurses speak a high level of English.
Australian patients can enjoy private recovery rooms, skyline views, flat-screen TV’s with movies and free WiFi. The hospitals are overstaffed with nurses who love their job, and a sponge bath or shampoo is just a call button away. Our patients enjoy healthy fresh ingredients in their cooked meals. You can even order great coffee from the café or stock up on treats from the 7 Eleven on the ground floor.
More than half of our patients use their hip replacement cost savings toward extra treatments like dental and optical care whilst recovering.

Specialist training and expertise

Our hip replacement specialists are members of the Royal College of Orthopaedic Surgeons. This is their national governing body and ensures the highest standards of training the latest techniques whilst collaborating with other countries.

Just like Australia, training to become an orthopaedic surgeon takes 12 years in Thailand. Surgeons are encouraged to take an ‘international approach’ to expanding their knowledge, and our hip replacement surgeons have each completed over 4 fellowships. This involves many months learning from very senior surgeons in overseas orthopaedic centres in Germany, USA, the UK and more.

We only partner with the most awarded Thai orthopaedic surgeons. This ensures we can be certain they’ve delivered great surgical outcomes for many previous Australian and New Zealand patients.

We encourage every hip replacement patient to do thorough research on their surgeon and private hospital, so we’re happy to present our surgeon’s CV’s for discussion with your trusted GP here in Australia.

Quality of hip replacement implant

Your orthopaedic surgeon in Bangkok will only use the highest quality hip replacement implant. These include the Zimmer and DePuy Synthes brands, which are preferred by most surgeons in the USA and Australia.

Even though Australia’s first robotic assisted hip replacement was carried out in Brisbane in April 2016, this service has been offered in American and Thai hospitals since 2013! This allows more accuracy when placing the hip prosthesis. Our goal is to offer the highest level of quality and technology to patients without increasing their hip replacement cost.

Low Risk of Infection

Hip replacement surgery should be taken seriously. We’re proud to say after 5 years and hundreds of patients, our primary and secondary infection rate is under half the published world average of approx. 2% for this procedure.

You may have heard of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) before, which can be a complication of hip replacement surgery. Every patient’s risk level is personally addressed, and you’ll be taught how to continue any medications to minimise the risk of DVT during your recovery.

Since hip replacement patients are usually over the age of 50, some my have heart problems or other underlying conditions. These can make them unsuitable for serious surgery. Our medical travel experts coordinate all of your pre-travel health tests with the hospital specialists in Thailand and your GP at home. Everyone’s priority is your safety as a patient.

After your hip replacement the doctors and surgeon will keep a close eye on you for any abnormalities. You can have peace of mind our team will be in regular contact with you, your hospital and your hotel throughout your journey.

Rehab after hip replacement surgery

Within the first day after surgery, hip replacement patients are recommended to start moving their new joint. Your physical therapist will use massage and other manual therapies to help with circulation, and you will have daily sessions in the rehab centre to learn how to walk confidently. You can also perform your exercises in a weightless aquatic environment in the hospital’s in-house hydrotherapy centres.

As well as supervising your exercises, your instructors will prepare a program for you to continue with your physiotherapist at home. Our main focus is to see you back in action and living a healthy life!

Bringing family or friends

We understand you’ll likely be nervous about surgery. This is why we encourage you to bring family or friends for support. They can even stay in the same building, only a few floors away in the hospital’s own Medi-Hotel. This means they can keep you company without missing out on a proper night’s sleep.

There’s plenty to do around the hospital, with relaxing massages or pampering at the wellness centre, coffee shops in the foyer, free wifi to stay on track with work, or visiting a nearby shopping centre.

Over 50% of our hip replacement patients take family or friends. For the independent traveller, they can also recover at the hospitals in house Medi-Hotel after discharge. This means they don’t have to travel far to continue their rehab, and can still stay within the medical precinct. Solo patients have peace of mind that attentive nurses will still be on call around the clock.

What happens when I arrive home?

This is the biggest concern for patients returning from surgery overseas. Prior to coming home from your hip replacement, you’ll be assessed by your surgeon to make sure your surgery site has healed and you’re moving confidently on your new hip joint.

After your flight home it’s important to visit your trusted family doctor within the first few days. Our team will make sure you have all your surgical and hospital records to give your GP for safe keeping. This ensures you receive the best follow up care. We also recommend to talk with your doctor about DVT precautions and continuing your rehab sessions with a good quality physio.


Since the beginning of this year, three quarters of our orthopaedic patients said they would refer their loved ones to us, and the remainder said they already have!

What do our patients say?

“It’s wonderful here in Bangkok. I’m getting looked after very well. I’ve never had an operation before and am very happy with everyone helping. All good doctors, nurses, everyone is great”

Michael, 62 (WA)

“I’m thrilled with my replacement and have spoken to quite a few people here about your services…my story has become quite popular…I hope in the near future you get some referrals from us”

Nanette, 65 (QLD)

“When we first started our hearts were in our mouths, having been let down by our health insurance provider…Not only do they work well as a team, proficient, efficient…but they’re far more advanced here”

Lynne, Patients Wife (WA)

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